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Alternative (or) medicine?

I am in a bit of a crisis right now concerning alternative medicine. Until recently we were deeply convinced that we do not want to treat J.’s eczema with cortisone. And we believed (and I still want to believe) that … Continue reading

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The visit at the children’s hospital

Last week we went to the allergologist at the children’s hospital. This was mainly a variation on the theme which we experienced already at the skin clinic. The approach is not at all diagnostic but focuses exclusively on symptom treatment … Continue reading

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A blessing and a curse

We gave in. J. has his hands constantly at his neck scratching and he scratches his hands and legs. At night he often asks to have his neck creamed. The skin on his neck has really become bad. The whole … Continue reading

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Another visit to the skin clinik

We had another visit at the skin clinic. This time we finally had an appointment with a doctor who was seeing specifically patients with eczema. The doctor was very friendly, and he did not push us to use steroids or … Continue reading

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Two months ago I described the current condition of J.’s skin and how we treat it. Since then we learned a lot, had a few doctor’s visits and did some alterations in our treatment plan. So I thought it is … Continue reading

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The perfect cream?

Why is it so hard to find a good cream? I have a small basket filled with an assortment of creams that I carry around the house in the hope that one of them will relieve an acute itch. But … Continue reading

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Vitamin B12 cream

I came across a very interesting story: Twenty years ago Karsten Klingelh√∂ller, then a medical student in Germany, developed a cream containing mainly vitamin B12 and avocado oil to help his girlfriend with psoriasis. This cream turned out to be … Continue reading

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