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Mercury poisening?

One day after we visited the allergologist at the children hospital we went to a health and life coach. It was a recommendation through friends of friends and after some thought be decided to shell out the 180 Euros it … Continue reading

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Two months ago I described the current condition of J.’s skin and how we treat it. Since then we learned a lot, had a few doctor’s visits and did some alterations in our treatment plan. So I thought it is … Continue reading

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Our visit at the skin clinic

We had our appointment at the skin clinic on Wednesday. We talked to a very nice young doctor who had even done her doctoral thesis about atopic dermatitis, but she was very young and obviously not very experienced. We came … Continue reading

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(Almost) everything allowed?

J.’s face is red, his neck is very itchy and he still has puss filled pustules here and there on his arms and legs. He has also a large wet and oozing spot on top of his head. We disinfect … Continue reading

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Gelsenkirchen Method

I just came across a type of therapy that is quite popular, but also controversial, in Germany: the Gelsenkirchen Method (“Gelsenkirchner Behandlungsmethode”). This method was established by Prof. Dr. med. E. A. Stemmann and is based on the idea that … Continue reading

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New Year

I want to start the new year with a check of our status quo. Where are we now? How is J.’s skin and how do we try to help him? Here is a list of things we are using right … Continue reading

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The beginning

Our son (now three years old) started having eczema when he was about three months old. He was born in the US (we are now living in Germany), and as it is customary, vaccination started very early. The first vaccination … Continue reading

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