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It has been a long time….

… since I last posted. Almost two years. Why did I stop writing? I was so deeply frustrated after we had spend time and money to travel to this Island, where everyone told us that the sun and water and … Continue reading

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Sun, salt and the immune system

We are about to leave for vacation to the small island Amrum which is in the North See just off the coast of Germany’s most northern tip. This island is known for its clean and immune-stimulating air and for its … Continue reading

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Visit at the children’s hospital

We had our check-up appointment last week with the allergologist at the children’s hospital.  This was good timing because we just had started to reduce the use of the cortisone cream on J.’s eczema to every other day. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Alternative (or) medicine?

I am in a bit of a crisis right now concerning alternative medicine. Until recently we were deeply convinced that we do not want to treat J.’s eczema with cortisone. And we believed (and I still want to believe) that … Continue reading

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The visit at the children’s hospital

Last week we went to the allergologist at the children’s hospital. This was mainly a variation on the theme which we experienced already at the skin clinic. The approach is not at all diagnostic but focuses exclusively on symptom treatment … Continue reading

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A blessing and a curse

We gave in. J. has his hands constantly at his neck scratching and he scratches his hands and legs. At night he often asks to have his neck creamed. The skin on his neck has really become bad. The whole … Continue reading

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