It has been a long time….

… since I last posted. Almost two years. Why did I stop writing? I was so deeply frustrated after we had spend time and money to travel to this Island, where everyone told us that the sun and water and clean air will do wonders. I had gone there with so much hope, almost expecting some miracle to happen, which, of course didn’t. Although we did have a nice time, it was  too cold and too windy to spend much time at the beach with our boy. During our stay we did not see any improvements. Then people told us, it usually takes a few weeks for the effect to show. Well, nothing changed, and I was left disappointed and frustrated.

Now, almost two years later, J.’s skin is quite ok. With a lot of moisturizing and every second or third day small touch-ups with cortisone at knees, arms and neck. Only his right index finger is in very bad shape and we don’t seem to be able to control the eczema there. I have almost the suspicion that there could be some kind of a combination of eczema and adverse reaction to cortisone, since the use of cortisone does not help much. I am still at loss what to do about it. So, we keep fighting against eczema.  Also, I am happy to report that during tha last two years we welcomed a second little boy into our family who, Thank God, so far does not show any signs of allergy or atopy.

I do want to continue writing here and share things I read about and learn.

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One Response to It has been a long time….

  1. Khalid Khan says:

    Hi My name is Khan. I m also One of the Eczema Suffer for a long long time – I know it is very very difficult to manage Skin issue – But I have Done do many thing and I came Down to this –

    Whenever you take a Bath with EPSOM SALT – it heals for 24 hr or less. so I start digging may be is the Deficiency of salt cause DRY Skin which multiply with ECZEMA, PSORIASIS More.
    Medical SCIENCE IS NOTHING BUT SCAM in History. it will never never EVER cure anything except keep u on medication.

    ANYWAY Come to the point.I m taking SEA SALT ONE TABLESPOON A DAY WITH 2 litter of Water – You can completely cure your Eczema within 2-3 weeks.
    Where did I got this information so check this site you will be shock what water can DO

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