Sun, salt and the immune system

We are about to leave for vacation to the small island Amrum which is in the North See just off the coast of Germany’s most northern tip. This island is known for its clean and immune-stimulating air and for its very large sandy beach. I will spend with J. four weeks on the island and even if it might still be too cold for J. (not for me! :)) to swim we will surely enjoy playing on the beach in the sun and salty air. This will hopefully give his skin a big break and a good push into the right direction.

My husband and I have been away for a conference last week for several days and, of course, as soon as we had turned our back to J. he got sick. Although he was very well taken care of by my mom, it was hard not to be at his side. He had fever for a couple of days. Interestingly, we could again observe the effect fever has on his skin! When we came back home J.’s skin was all smooth and soft although my mom had not used any cortisone in our absence! She reported that during and after the fever his skin peeled off in large amounts, exposing new soft skin.

When J. is getting sick, does there happen a shift in his immune system, from the pathologic auto-immune fight to the more healthy fight against invaders?¬† I wished I would understand the different pathways of the immune system better! Maybe there are other ways than fever to push the immune system into the right direction? Maybe our vacation on the island could give J.’s immune system a small kick into the right direction as well? At least such that the next winter will be more easy?

I hope I will have reasonably good internet on the island so that I can report from there. If not, I will be back in a month.

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