The visit at the children’s hospital

Last week we went to the allergologist at the children’s hospital. This was mainly a variation on the theme which we experienced already at the skin clinic. The approach is not at all diagnostic but focuses exclusively on symptom treatment which is basically controlling the eczema with steroid containing creams. This difference now at the children hospital was that the doctor suggested to use a stronger cortisone cream than what we got from the skin clinic but use it only for a few weeks. He suggested to cream J. from head to toe once a day with the cream for one week and then slowly taper off the use over the course of another 2-3 weeks. The idea is to clear up the skin quickly and efficiently and then continue to use  cortisone only to control flare-ups.

I don’t like the idea to cover J. with cortisone cream from head to toe. And as I said before I would rather not use it. However, it is so nice to see J.’s smooth skin. And I so badly want to give him a break from the itch… (yes, cortisone is a blessing and a curse).

One thing the doctor said I found particularly interesting: he said that eczema are the only skin condition where cortisone is in fact effective in the treatment against bacterial infections. As I understand, this is because the bacterial infection happens mostly because the local immune defense is disturbed and by restoring the skin condition the skin can more effectively ward off infections. And true, we are right now pretty good in terms of infections.

I know I am repeating myself, but I so much wished we would have a better option……

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