A poem about eczema

This sad poem was published on NSGCCE:

Just stop scratching. By Ruth Holroyd

The itch is consuming
It takes over my brain
My skin I am tearing
The relief is the pain

Thickened and swollen
Red and sore
Constant skin crawling
I can’t take any more

My eyes are all puffy
My skin is inflamed
All red and angry
I feel so ashamed

I scratch and I scratch
I scratch all day long
The irritation is relentless
And I know that it’s wrong

My nails I cut short
So I use other things
Tweezers, combs, my brush
Clothing and rings

It prickles and tickles
All day and all night
I try all solutions
But no help is in sight

Elimination diets, sun bed treatments
Chinese remedies, herbal potions
Steroids, creams, ointments,
old wives tails and random notions

“Stop scratching” they say
“If only you would try”
“Oh thank you so much”
I feel like I could cry…

It just isn’t that simple
When your skin is so dry
Lumps keep rising, oozing,
Livid, heated. Oh so weary.

I dream of soft skin
Velvet smooth and silky
Of waking in comfort
A shiny new perfect me

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3 Responses to A poem about eczema

  1. Meeche says:

    I love this, it;s exactly how i feel 😦 i hate eczema

  2. lakeia says:

    this explains exactly how i feel and all the things that dont work for treatment ! i hate eczema !
    its just so life changing

  3. Megan says:

    This is the saddest poem ever & made me cry. Our son has suffered terribly his entire life. He’s 7 now & it’s just not getting any better. We’ve tried everything. I hate eczema too!

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