A blessing and a curse

We gave in.

J. has his hands constantly at his neck scratching and he scratches his hands and legs. At night he often asks to have his neck creamed. The skin on his neck has really become bad. The whole neck region in inflamed. It probably doesn’t help that he picks his nose in between scratching, nicely distributing the staph aureus bacteria which makes everything worse.

So, we gave in. We are treating his neck with a thin layer of 0.5% hydro-cortisone cream twice a day for the last few days. Within a day his skin became nice and smooth. He stopped scratching his neck. And if it would not be for the cortisone, I would dance with joy. I hope
that we can start reducing the use of the hydro-cortisone soon. I just don’t feel comfortable using it.

We will also have to treat his arm with hydro-cortisone cream if we want him to have a break from the itch. I wished we would have a better solution, but at this point I start to believe that the risks associated with the use of  cortisone out-wights the benefit of having a child that does not try to tear off his skin several times a day and does not constantly pick and rub and  scratch his skin…… But still, we want to keep the use of cortisone as short and minimal as possible.

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