Cream 1.0

This was a lot of fun and really easy! I made our first cream. It is a bit oily but feels good on the skin. We used it now for three days and we like it. It has glycerin for moisturizing, wax for protection, good oils and lanolin, which has many good properties. Lanolin is also great in the cream, because it serves as an emulsifier. The constancy of the cream is really nice and smooth. Because the cream is a mixture of water and oil, the water does drain out a bit. Maybe I didn’t mix the cream enough. But it is not so bad and the watery drops mix back in when the cream is rubbed onto the skin. In case you would like to try it, too, here is the recipe:

5 g    bee wax
15 g    lanolin
40 g    evening primrose and almond oil
5 g    glycerin (85%)
35 g    warm water
tea tree oil

Melt bee wax and lanolin in a water bath, let cool down a bit and add the oils.
Mix glycerin and water. Stir the water mix into the oil mix. Stir well. Add a few
drops of tea tree oil. Mix well. Makes 100g of creme.

A few comments on some of the ingredients:

Lanolin: it is also called wool wax and is secreted from the sheep’s skin.  This substance has many good properties – many nursing woman know its soothing and healing properties.

Evening primrose and almond oil: I used 20g of each. I realized too late that the evening primrose oil I bought is refined and stabilized. I would have preferred native oil, but native oil oxidants quickly and I don’t know how long it will stay fresh in the cream. When I have used up the oil I bought I will try to use native oil.

Glycerin: The glycerin I could buy is a 85% concentration in water. A moisturizing skin product should not have a glycerin concentration exceeding 2-5% (otherwise it will dry out the skin). This cream has a glycerin concentration of about 4%.

Water: I used distilled water. But I would guess that any good clean water would do.

Tea tree oil: This oil is really intense. I put only two drops and my husband finds it already too strong. I think next time I will mix the tea tree oil only into half of the cream so that I have a mild version for e.g. the face and a bit stronger version for infected areas.

The recipe still needs a bit of practice and it needs to prove itself worthy, but so far we are really happy. We know exactly what is in there and we can modify the ingredients if necessary. It creams nicely and J. likes it.

J.’s skin has much improved over the last couple of weeks. His face is almost completely cleared up. And his scratching improved enough so that my husband and I were confident enough to leave J. for one night with my mother, so that we could enjoyed a short trip to Strasbourg together. Even such a short getaway has not been possible for a very long time.

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