Two months ago I described the current condition of J.’s skin and how we treat it. Since then we learned a lot, had a few doctor’s visits and did some alterations in our treatment plan. So I thought it is time for a check-up:

Skin condition: J.’s skin is overall very dry. The areas that bother him most are red and have this typical eczema-roughness. Especially affected are upper legs, backside of knees, lower arms including hands, neck, a few spots on the face and a bad spot on top of his head. Compared to two months ago, his neck and face are better. He still scratches heavily whenever we undress him in the morning and evening and sometimes during the day, but right now the severity of this scratching attacks is less. He can be easier distracted and does not have this very intense I-need-to-rip-off-my-skin-and-don’t-come-close-or-I-scream attitude (“knock on wood” – this is a very big relieve for me because I have a very hard time dealing with these intense scratching attacks….). During the night we usually have to cream his neck and occasionally his wrists or knees.


  • we cream J. with Dexeryl in the morning and evening from head to toe.
  • we use Lavera’s Baby Neutral Face Cream when and where it is needed throughout the day. One tube is always kept at the daycare in case he needs some itch-relieve there.
  • we also use the creams Halicar Salbe N and Madaus Echinacin Salbe in between. They don’t do anything special, but are a bit more fat that Lavera’s cream.
  • when the skin is very dry we use additionally evening primrose oil.
  • we are trying out the vitamin B12 containing cream Mavena B12. I cream twice a day J.s  hands/arms and the spot on top of his head with it.


  • we give him lactic acid bacteria once a day. We are using SymbioLact pure, which contains bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis.
  • evening primrose oil or safflower oil 1-2 spoons daily
  • vitamin D 500 IUs daily
  • all healthy foods are allowed. We buy almost exclusively organic and as local as possible. We try to avoid all processed foods (but we do buy bread, pasta, cheese, etc.), all whites (white flower, white rice, white sugar) and sweets.

Bath: right now J. takes a quick showers almost daily in the evening. J. is not a big fan of shower or bath,  and it takes some effort to convince him. We use soap very sparsely and only where needed. We wash his hair no more than once a week. We use Lavera’s Baby Neutral Shower Gel.


  • inflammations with puss filled pustules we wash thoroughly with water and/or soap and treat with povidone-iodine solution.
  • we are changing all cloths and pajama almost daily. J. is wearing an anti-scratch overall at night, which improved our nights tremendously.
  • we file his nails daily to make sure that there are no sharp edges and corners.


Disclaimer: This ain’t no payed advertisement. None of the companies producing any of the products mentioned above have any idea who I am and I receive no compensation for mentioning or linking to any of the products. I am simply sharing my experience.

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