The perfect cream?

Why is it so hard to find a good cream? I have a small basket filled with an assortment of creams that I carry around the house in the hope that one of them will relieve an acute itch. But none of those creams are really good. The creams don’t moisturize enough or they are irritating or they contain things I rather don’t want to have in there or they don’t do anything at all.

A few weeks ago we stared to use a mixture of eucerin and evening primrose oil. It initially felt good and the skin was less dry, but after going through the second pot of cream I had the impression that J.’s skin became more red, swollen and itchy, and we decided to stop using this cream. Instead, we came crawling back to Lavera’s Baby Neutral Face Cream, which relieves the acute itch very nicely, is not irritating at all, is completely absorbed into the skin, but it doesn’t provide sustained moister. Two nights ago I creamed J. with it and some evening primrose oil, but the next morning J.’s skin was very dry and flaky.  We basically cream and cream and cream, which is frustrating and expensive. This cream is good as a quick-itch-relieve, but no solution as a main moisturizer.

Last night I creamed J. from head to toe with Dexeryl, a glycerin containing cream which was recommended to us by the doctor in the hospital. This morning J.’s skin was relatively smooth and not very dry and it looked very promising. But Dexeryl contains, among others things I can’t even pronounce properly, vaseline and paraffin, both are hydrocarbons (like mineral oil), vaseline is also called petroleum jelly, and I am not so comfortable covering J.’s body routinely with it. And we still don’t know how Dexeryl will feel after a couple of weeks.

So, we don’t have a good solution for what to use as a good basic cream,  a good moisturizer which we can use without worries twice a day. Could there be a good cream – without any buts? I would like to have a cream that does not contain anything I can’t pronounce. Instead, I would like that the cream contains glycerin and water as moisturizer, bee-wax to make a nice protective layer, some good oil (evening primrose oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.), maybe some emulsifier if needed, and eventually a few drops of tea tree oil as preservative and to fight infections. Shouldn’t it be possible to mix something like this? I decided to do some experiments and I just bought some glycerin…….


Disclaimer: This ain’t no payed advertisement. None of the companies producing any of the products mentioned above have any idea who I am and I receive no compensation for mentioning or linking to any of the products. I am simply sharing my experience.

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