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Another visit to the skin clinik

We had another visit at the skin clinic. This time we finally had an appointment with a doctor who was seeing specifically patients with eczema. The doctor was very friendly, and he did not push us to use steroids or … Continue reading

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Sleep. Sleep?

Sleep is not easy for us. J. wakes up several times a night and asks to be creamed. Because this is so much easier when he lays next to us, he is used to sleep with us. He loves to … Continue reading

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Cream 1.0

This was a lot of fun and really easy! I made our first cream. It is a bit oily but feels good on the skin. We used it now for three days and we like it. It has glycerin for … Continue reading

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Two months ago I described the current condition of J.’s skin and how we treat it. Since then we learned a lot, had a few doctor’s visits and did some alterations in our treatment plan. So I thought it is … Continue reading

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The perfect cream?

Why is it so hard to find a good cream? I have a small basket filled with an assortment of creams that I carry around the house in the hope that one of them will relieve an acute itch. But … Continue reading

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