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Vitamin B12 cream

I came across a very interesting story: Twenty years ago Karsten Klingelh√∂ller, then a medical student in Germany, developed a cream containing mainly vitamin B12 and avocado oil to help his girlfriend with psoriasis. This cream turned out to be … Continue reading

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The antibiotics against the bacterial infection did its magic and by the end of the treatment J.’s skin was still red but smooth with no new pustules and the old one were nicely healing off. He also didn’t scratch much … Continue reading

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Our visit at the skin clinic

We had our appointment at the skin clinic on Wednesday. We talked to a very nice young doctor who had even done her doctoral thesis about atopic dermatitis, but she was very young and obviously not very experienced. We came … Continue reading

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, J. does usually have scratching attacks 1-2 times a day, usually when we undress him in the morning or evening. With scratching attack I mean that he starts to scratch all exposed areas … Continue reading

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Bacterial infection

We are still struggling to get the bacterial infection on J.’s skin under control. Although most of the small puss filled pustules are healing off, there are still new ones every day. His lower arms and upper legs are sprinkled … Continue reading

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