(Almost) everything allowed?

J.’s face is red, his neck is very itchy and he still has puss filled pustules here and there on his arms and legs. He has also a large wet and oozing spot on top of his head. We disinfect and cream the affected areas regularly but we don’t see much improvement. I know from myself that when I am getting sick and my immune system is weak, I am sometimes getting a small pustule on my leg or back. J. is having a running nose, the flu is making its round (it didn’t hit us – yet), and it doesn’t help that we are having a very typical German winter weather: cold moist air under a heavy gray sky. So, what can I do to boost J.’s immune system? Many healthy, vitamin rich foods are potentially allergenic, and after three years trying to figure out which foods aggravate his eczema I am questioning every apple I am giving him, I am depriving him of yogurt. I find it difficult to deal with this not-knowing-why and the insecurity that every bite could potentially be part of the problem.

In order to boost J.’s immune system we try again to include some “forbidden” foods. I am trying to forget all worries and focus only on a healthy vitamin rich diet – and ignore all eczema related restrictions. For a few days now we are giving lots of cow’s milk yogurt to J. and as much fruits and vegetables as he would eat, including oranges, bell peppers and berries. I did not see any changes in his skin so far, no worsening of the eczema and no improvement. But he does seem to be more cheerful and energetic. If his skin does not get worse, then I am very happy, because I can stop worrying about some of the foods. And if it helps, of course that would be fantastic. We are also thinking of exposing J. to UVB light, which could help with the bacterial infection as well as with vitamin D, but this we still have to discuss with our pediatrician. Oh – I wished this cold and gray winter would be over already!

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One Response to (Almost) everything allowed?

  1. Spanish Key says:

    Good luck J!

    I bet he loves the variety.

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