New Year

I want to start the new year with a check of our status quo. Where are we now? How is J.’s skin and how do we try to help him? Here is a list of things we are using right now.

Skin condition: There are no open or wet spots. The areas that bother him most are very red and have this typical eczema-roughness. Especially affected are upper legs, backside of knees, lower arms including hands, neck (very bad right now), and since a couple of weeks the chin, side of the face and around the eyes (probably due to the cold weather). The rest is very dry. He had a cold before Christmas and some flair up of a bacterial infection on the upper legs, and although the infection is largely gone, there are some spots here and there remaining. He has itching attacks in the morning and/or evening during undressing, and asks frequently during the day to be creamed at arms, hands and neck.

Diet: No cow’s milk products, except butter and little cream. Some goat yogurt and cheese. No or little eggs. No or little sweets. No or little citrus fruits. We recently started with rice and oat milk. We also tried soy milk, but it seems that something in his throat didn’t like it and he was coughing and breathing hard for about an hour – so, no soy milk. We try to use as much spelt as possible instead of wheat. I am still very frustrated about the food. Since he has no obvious allergy against anything, I don’t know what to give or not to give. We tried to eliminate foods, without effect. We (re-)introduced foods, without effect. We did allergy tests (blood tests), without effect. If I just knew what bothers him….

Creams: We cream twice daily (morning and evening), plus whenever needed during the day.

  • As general cream we use Baby Neutral Face Cream from Lavera (unfortunately quite expensive, but cheaper in Germany than listed in the US). It has a nice thick consistency and is not irritating at all. We use it on all affected areas routinely. It is putting a nice soothing layer even on red and inflamed areas.
  • On areas that are not too much inflamed we use Dr. Theiss Evening Primrose Skin Balm that contains 3% urea. The urea burns a bit on the badly affected skin, therefore we use a thin layer of this cream on all areas that are not too much affected. It makes the skin feel very soft and smooth.
  • For very sore spots we use Madaus Echinacin Salbe. We use it mainly in the face and around the neck. This is a very nice cream which we all use when e.g. the area around the nose is sore during a cold.
  • Our pharmacist recommended Halicar Salbe N against the itching. Right now we put it on his neck and wrists during the day when he itches.
  • To control the inflammation we are using only occasionally a prescription cream that was mixed according to our pediatrician’s instructions. It contains liquor carbonis detergens (coal tar) and should only be used very sparsely. I am still trying to figure out what this drug is actually doing, especially because we should use it with caution and I want to know why. But whenever we use it on some bad spots the eczema are getting better.

Bath: We bath him once a week and add Dead See Salt and a small amount of oil to the water (almond oil or Balneum Hermal Plus Oil Bath). The salt burns on the inflamed skin, so we use only a little and only increase the amount if J. feels ok with it. Sometimes we add an infusion of pansies. We wash him with Sebamed or Lavera Shower Gel.

Medication: Right now we give him only probiotics and some homeopathic medication:

  • The probiotics we are giving him are 1) Pro-Symbioflor which contains the bacteria enterococcus faecalis und escherichia coli in inactivated form, and 2) Symbioflor 1 which contains enterococcus faecalis. We do think that this really helped him. It increased his appetite and improved clearly his digestion.
  • Quartz D30 and Ammonion Gl D30 once a week. These are homeopathic preparations and are supposed to strengthen his shield.
  • We also give him evening primrose oil. It comes in capsules and he very much enjoys to bite on them and to suck out the oil – and I have to make sure that the oil  actually ends up in his mouth…

Thats it for now. And our New Year resolution? We will keep trying – trying to understand what causes J.’s eczema and trying to find better ways to treat his eczema. That is all we can do – besides enjoying very much to be with our sweet and cheerful little son!


Disclaimer: This ain’t no payed advertisement. None of the companies producing any of the products mentioned above have any idea who I am and I receive no compensation for mentioning or linking to any of the products. I am simply sharing my experience.

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2 Responses to New Year

  1. I am sure you will get over J’s eczema. Never give up, and reading this post I just know hoe you feel, I experienced it with myself, but be strong for him!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    Check out the Blood Type and Geno Type Diet by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. It helps to take the guess work out of which foods to avoid. It would be a great protocol with all of the above good creams and homeopathic products you are using. It helps the body heal from the inside out.

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