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(Almost) everything allowed?

J.’s face is red, his neck is very itchy and he still has puss filled pustules here and there on his arms and legs. He has also a large wet and oozing spot on top of his head. We disinfect … Continue reading

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Vitamin D, to be continued…

In the discussion about the benefits of vitamin D, I notice two general difficulties: First, the general misunderstanding that if some thing is good than a lot of it is even better. This is wrong and potentially dangerous. The second … Continue reading

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Little children

Our son J. is quite small for his age. At age 3 he was barely three feet tall, which puts him just above the lower 5th percentile of the growth chart. Although he was born normal, his height and weight … Continue reading

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House dust mites

After a long time we had a scratching attack last night. J. didn’t sleep well the last couple of nights, which might be because my husband was gone for a few days, which interrupted our sleeping routine. J. is scratching … Continue reading

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Fall children and vitamin D

Although I am not a follower of astrology in any way, I do believe that the time of the year when a person is born has influence on some aspects of who he is. It is a secret hobby of … Continue reading

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Gelsenkirchen Method

I just came across a type of therapy that is quite popular, but also controversial, in Germany: the Gelsenkirchen Method (“Gelsenkirchner Behandlungsmethode”). This method was established by Prof. Dr. med. E. A. Stemmann and is based on the idea that … Continue reading

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New Year

I want to start the new year with a check of our status quo. Where are we now? How is J.’s skin and how do we try to help him? Here is a list of things we are using right … Continue reading

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